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Konya is a pretty big city of Turkey. It is more appealing to families and people seeking for religion tourism. There are a lot of spiritual attractions and figures like Mevlana (Whirling Dervishes). But there are still bars and night clubs you can enjoy as a tourist. Konya’s nightlife districts are limited. Zafer meydani (zafer square) is a famous one where you can find bars and meyhanes (turkish style bar, tavern). Cafe Zeugma is also at Zafer meydani. Konya’s nightlife is more for families, like restaurants. Kuleste restaurant is one of them, it has 360 degrees Konya view, in Nalcaci district. In Meram area, there is a cafe called Somine Cafe (somine in turkish). There you can find hookah (sheesah or nargile), live music and good food. In Bosna Hersek county (near Selcuk University Campus) there is a cafe called Black Garden. You can find sheesah and live music there as well. Most university students hang out there with groups of girls and guys. Clube is a Rock Bar and Cafe if you are into Rock music. It is located at Ihsaniye district.

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