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Lachung, a tourist hotspot situated in North Sikkim is a splendid destination that is sited at the spot where two tributaries Lachung and Lachen meet. This town is a popular tourist attraction because of the many waterfalls that gush in this area. Glimpses of snow covered mountains can also be caught from this place and offer a spectacular sight. Lachung is also a preferred base to visit the famous Yumthang Valley, quite a landmark in Sikkim's tourism scene.

Lachung is a small town in Sikkim which has majestic mountains all around that tempt tourists to travel here every year. It is that beautiful town of Sikkim which has several snow covered mountains, sparkling streams, peaks, amazing waterfalls and much more. It is the perfect tourist spot which guarantees you pleasurable holidays amidst apple orchards, peaches and apricots. The market in Lachung is filled with handicrafts such as exquisitely woven rugs and blankets that make this town ideal for shopping sprees. Lachung means 'Small Mountain ', and it gets this name as it is outlined by majestic mountains.

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